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Andorra, in first position in the world ranking of sanitary systems

If there is an aspect that every real estate buyer or investor has in mind when acquiring a property is without a doubt, the public safety and quality of the health system of the country in question. In both cases, these are elements that define and consolidate the level of quality of life of a territory and, therefore, are matters to be taken into account should be considering the possibility to reside, permanently or temporarily, in the country chosen. In addition, if it is an investment operation, for example the purchase of a property for rental, are also highly valued by the investor, since they become attractive points to attract new customers.

In this sense, Andorra has a great advantage, since as announced in early summer the prestigious British journal specialized in medical medicine The Lancet through this exhaustive study, Andorra is considered the country with the best health care system in the world, occupying the first position, just ahead of Iceland and Switzerland, in the world ranking of health systems.

Andorra leads this ranking, with 95 of the 100 possible points, while Iceland does 94 and Switzerland with 92.

These data allow the Principality, compared to neighboring countries, to be ahead of Spain, which has 90 points in a meritorious eighth position, and ahead of France, the 15th best country with a score of 88 out of 100.

What does the study take into account?

The report published by The Lancet establishes a threshold of quality and access to the health system (Health Access and Quality Index, HAQ) focused mainly on the mortality rate of thirty diseases which can be controlled with proper medical care. That is, those deaths that are considered, according to medical criteria, as avoidable. As these deaths are reduced, it is understood that the access of patients to medical treatments is optimal and, therefore, that the health system of the country in question meets the adequate standards.

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In the case of Andorra, the first thing to think is that the data may not be representative, since a single case of disease can have a very significant incidence. It should be noted, however, that the study carried out by The Lancet is exhaustive and comprises a long period of time (25 years) to be considered reliable. In addition, it should be remembered that this report is in line with another study published by the same magazine in 2016 assessing the health status of 188 countries. This time, Andorra and won the fourth place, just behind Iceland, Singapore and Sweden.

The Andorran health system in 5 keys

1. Medical treatment without income: The CASS (Caixa Andorrana de Seguretat Social- Andorran Social Security Fund) covers 75% and the patient pays 25%.

2. Medical Treatment with Income: The CASS covers 90% % and the patient 10%.

3. An independent commission evaluates the cases of people without resources or low income, who have a level of coverage of 100%.

4. Only the doctors who work in the hospital are salaried, the rest are independent professionals that the patients select independently.

5. More complex interventions are performed in hospitals with agreements with the CASS, Spain and France.

From AND.IMMO we hope this new entry in our blog is of your income should be considering the possibility of buying a house or apartment in Andorra to reside in a fixed manner or temporary.

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