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Banks reopen the tap of credit for the purchase of real estate in Andorra

After a few years deeply marked by an unfavorable economic context, Andorra begins to recover, especially in the real estate sector, business levels before the economic crisis. If there is one fact that evidences this improvement, it’s undoubtedly the number of transactions of sale and purchase, a figure that has increased, according to the Chamber of Notaries of Andorra, between 10% and 15% during the last two years.

Although this figure alone is already quite positive, it’s even more so if one considers the evolution of bank financing. Thus, after a few years in which the banks completely closed the tap of the financing, it’s encouraging to see how the bank loans come back to appear as a way of financing for the purchase of the real estate.

50% of real estate purchases have bank financing

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Unlike previous years when it was practically impossible to have financing from the banks and, therefore, the operation was materialized with cash payment, now the financing has reappeared, to the point of being present, according to the Chamber of Notaries of Andorra, in 50% of real estate sales. This situation not only facilitates the purchase of a property in Andorra, it also shows an economic improvement that has resulted in an increase in confidence on the part of financial institutions towards debtors.

Financing conditions in Andorra

Nowadays, one of the indispensable requirements to be able to request a bank credit for the purchase of a building it’s to make a cash payment, in the form of input, equivalent to 20% of the total price of the property. Regarding financing conditions, the debt installment is set at 33% of the salary, while the maximum term of financing is 25 years. As for the type of interest in Andorra it’s at the threshold of 2.5%, while in Spain is around 0.75%.

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