The celebration of the 68th Congress of the FIABCI boosts the Andorran Real Estate sector

After last May Andorra became the international epicenter of the real estate sector thanks to the celebration of the 68th FIABCI World Congress, it seems that this event, which hosted up to 700 professionals from 65 different countries, has served to position the Principality As an ideal territory for future buyers and / or investors that are beyond our borders.
So much so, that from AGIA it is expected that the recovery of the Andorran real estate sector will be strengthened during 2017. Thus, in statements to the press, the President of AGIA, Jordi Galobardas, revealed that this year the situation is much better than in previous years, saying that “has started strong and is expected to dynamics remain”.

FIABCI Congress, ideal to promote ‘networking’ environment

Jean Novel

Although there are different factors that explain the improvement of the Andorran real estate sector, the celebration of the 68th Congress of FIABCI and all contacts generated by agents of the country have become undoubtedly a factor most important.
Thus, we must remember that during the celebration of this event, which at specific moments had peaks of influx of up to 900 spectators and which hosted speakers of the first level such as Jean Nouvel, the relations between professionals were boosted, strengthening ties in both the social and professional spheres.l.

AND.IMMO creates an important network of international contacts

Precisely, this year’s congress had an internal application that fostered networking among participants, which allowed AND.IMMO to exchange a large volume of information, creating a large network of contacts and partners worldwide.
In addition, the visibility and involvement of AND.IMMO within the congress was more than relevant, since as a member of the board of FIABCI, the founding partner of, Jaume Bartumeu, actively participated in the various events planned within the framework of this event.

Some of our most outstanding properties in Andorra

AND.IMMO Real State

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