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Banks reopen the tap of credit for the purchase of real estate in Andorra

After a few years deeply marked by an unfavorable economic context, Andorra begins to recover, especially in the real estate sector, business levels before the economic crisis. If there is one fact that evidences this improvement, it’s undoubtedly the number of transactions of sale and purchase, a figure that has increased, according to the Chamber […]

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The real estate sector, the one that grows most in Andorra in recent years

At the rate of before the economic crisis. This is how the real estate sector in Andorra has grown over recent years. A positive trend that is not based solely on the perceptions of real estate agents, but is a palpable reality, which is more than contrasted with the current balance of economic indicators collected […]

Andorra, exceptional destination for promoters of new construction

Although attracting real estate developers isn’t an easy task, if there is a country that currently provides an ideal environment for your arrival it’s, without a doubt, Andorra. When we say that Andorra is a reference destination for new promoters and real estate investors we don’t say it only for the different fiscal, quality of […]

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Andorra, an excellent opportunity to acquire properties for rent

In recent months, the result of demand and also due to the slow but steady economic recovery from, we have seen a gradual increase in prices of rental properties. Although this obviously means an upheaval for all those looking for a rental property in Andorra, this fact must also seize from the point of […]