Why live in Andorra la Vella?

It could not be otherwise, we start with the capital of Andorra, a new section on our blog in which AND.IMMO details the various tourist attractions of each parish of the Principality to decide between one or the other in case to evaluate the possibility of coming to live in Andorra.
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Andorra la Vella, capital of the Principality

As capital of the country, Andorra la Vella is one of the main tourist attractions of the Principality. Although most visitors arrive in Andorra attracted by the many purchases that can be made in its commercial areas, mainly Meritxell Avenue, it should not be mentioned that the capital also offers a wide range of approaches both in level Historical, natural, cultural and leisure.

Historical wealth

Casa de la Vall

Undoubtedly, accompanied by the commercial offer Andorra la Vella, one of the engines of the capital is the historical and cultural heritage that comes to many corners of the historic centre. Thus, the seat of the old General Council of the Casa de la Vall and Church of Sant Esteve, Andorra la Vella has kept intact a rich legacy of centuries of history.

First level cultural events

Another point to keep in mind if you want to come to live in Andorra la Vella is the important number of cultural events that take place throughout the year. Many of them take place in the Congress Center of Andorra la Vella, an installation capable of hosting international top-level events (concerts, conferences, activities, competitions …).

Much more than a parish

As part of Andorra la Vella, Santa Coloma and La Margineda offer other attractions such as the Roman bridge and the archaeological site of La Roureda and one of the main indoor freestyle centres in Europe.

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